With the autumn selling season in full swing, Noe Valley’s real estate inventory continued to increase. As of OCT 31, there were 6 Active, 8 Pending, and 17 Sold SFHs (single-family homes).

OCT 2018 median price of single-family homes was $2,300,000 compared to $2,110,650 one year ago, $1,725,000 five years ago, and $1,295,000 ten years ago—a 56.3% increase in median price. See OCT comparisons of 1-year, 5-year and 10-year charts using data from the SFAR MLS.

Abigail Picache
Abigail Picache, San Francisco Real Estate Agent

I look forward to keeping you updated on our Noe Valley real estate market every month, especially as we continue through the autumn selling season—the second major selling season that runs to mid-NOV. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have real estate questions and/or I can be of assistance. I’m happy to help.

In this competitive environment, it’s essential to have a Realtor who knows the intricacies of a pricing strategy and who has a grasp on the market. Abigail Picache, a Broker Associate since 2004 is a San Francisco real estate expert who has consistently ranked in the top 10% of all real estate agents in the city.

Shows ACTIVE single-family home listings in Noe Valley for October 2018:

Active Properties
AddressBRBAPKSq Ft$/SqFtCurrent List $
534 Valley St2111046$1,530$1,600 K
4335 Cesar Chavez St43.522373$969$2,299 K
425 Valley St3222490$958$2,385 K
4310 23rd St43.523415$874$2,985 K
1325 Guerrero St42.513335$953$3,179 K
525 28th St44.523551$1,322$$4,695 K
Averages2702$1,101$2,857 K

Shows Pending single-family home listings in Noe Valley for October 2018:

Pending Properties
AddressBRBAPKSq Ft$/SqFtCurrent List $
671 28th St211--$1,388 K
565 29th St21---$1,395 K
445 Clipper St42.25-1457$1,163$1,695 K
1308 Diamond St211--$1,695 K
2112 Castro St32.511685$1,068$1,800 K
1289 Church St32.511094$1,819$1,990 K
328 Jersey St3221760$1,134$1,995 K
4469 23rd St3432603$979$2,549 K
Averages1720$1,233$1,813 K

Shows SOLD single-family home listings in Noe Valley for October 2018:

Sold Properties
AddressBRBAPKSq Ft$/SqFtOrig $ (k)Sale $ (k)SP%LP
1020 Castro St2111152$1,302$1,195 K$1,500 K125%
1544 Diamond St2111050$1,500$1,395 K$1,575 K113%
1358 Dolores St2221914$940$2,195 K$1,800 K96%
1801 Diamond St32.522184$870$1,995 K$1,900 K101%
4455 23rd St2121288$1,514$1,590 K$1,950 K123%
4242 24th St3211325$1,679$1,595 K$2,225 K140%
627 29th St4312554$873$1,998 K$2,230 K112%
475 28th St3221782$1,254$1,995 K$2,235 K112%
3958 Cesar Chavez St4221785$1,289$2,395 K$2,300 K101%
887 Douglass St3221876$1,293$2,195 K$2,425 K110%
1621 Castro St4411913$1,307$2,195 K$2,500 K114%
481 Day St3312381$1,260$2,650 K$3,000 K113%
254 Day St4322405$1,397$2,795 K$3,360 K120%
1360 Dolores St443--$3,395 K$3,600 K106%
725 Duncan St44.523200$1,281$4,250 K$4,100 K96%
680 Douglass St5523600$1278$4,750 K$4,600 K97%
4068 Cesar Chavez 44.523800$1,461$5,195 K$5,550 K107%
Averages2138$1,281$2,575 K$2,756 K108%